HDM Argus Device Management

Product Overview

Large implementations require testing of thousands of workstations, printers, and peripheral devices (i.e. rovers, status boards, etc.). The Argus Device Management Application is a companion solution that simplifies device readiness by automating the assessment of needs, inventory tracking, printer mapping, and device testing and validation. The solution utilizes Epic’s APIs to update information in the system and provides the user with an easy to use application to standardize device deployment.

Application Features

  • Secure Login

    Use your Epic credentials to access Argus through a web-based portal.

  • Device Management Made Easy

    Argus provides a number of features designed to simplify device management.

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  • Simple Facility Setup

    Upload a digital floorplan of your department or location to aid on any walkthroughs to gauge future state needs. ● Mark and add items on the floor plan to generate device counts. ● Set unit cost to track expenses. ● Record device locations to ensure accurate deployment once purchased devices arrive.

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  • Custom Reporting Options

    Track and report on testing results through the application. Work with HDM to further streamline the process by implementing automated test scripts in your Epic environment. ● Record testing results in the application for your devices to produce reports for Executive Leadership on device readiness.

  • Streamlined Print Mapping

    Establish printer class mappings within LWS records. Argus will create and import these records through App Orchard APIs.

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Argus aims to standardize your device deployment process maximizing analyst efficiency. Argus ensures an effective approach to managing your Epic hardware while serving as a centralized application for your staff to cooperate on deployment, testing, and management of devices.