HDM Data Conversion

EMR Data Conversion

Implementing a new EMR is not an easy endeavor. No doubt your program has unique needs and while your new EMR meets those needs, the data in your legacy system is invaluable. Your data needs to be available from the very first day your team starts to use the new system with no delay and minimal downtime. Your patients are counting on it.

Data Migration Process

Your program’s data conversion should be cost-effective and completed with little to no downtime. The key to HDM’s success is to engage all stakeholders early in the process. We begin with a detailed review of the legacy system’s functionality and data. Most systems hold both structured and unstructured data. We will work with each business area to determine the value of this data and develop the right solution for full integration. Our experts understand the importance of workflow and how changes to that workflow can impact your program’s performance.
Your focus should be and always will be patient care. HDM understands this and will manage the data conversion all the way through go-live so that your staff can continue to make patient care a priority.

Experienced Data Conversion Engineers

HDM’s data conversion engineers bring years of data migration and expertise to each project. Our ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process can be customized to address the unique needs of each program. Planning, testing and staging are essential steps in maintaining data integrity.