Organ transplant EHR implementations are not for the faint of heart. The data sets are massive, complicated, and highly detailed.

You’ve got lifetimes of data to manage across inconsistent workflows with outdated technology, and extensive regulatory and reporting requirements. Have you ever come across a team that specializes in organ transplant EHRs?

You have now. We are the transplant experts.

We’ve built best practices for standardizing workflows for this specific patient and provider population. We’re not afraid to get creative when it comes to solving your most frustrating inefficiencies because that is what it takes.

Organization-wide Solutions

Organ Transplant Data Services for Transplant Directors

We are transplant experts. We know how to convert legacy data, optimize workflows and/or technologies, implement new applications, train staff, reduce inefficiencies, and develop actionable reports. We also play nice with your IT department to make sure you get what you need.

Organ Transplant Data Services for Clinicians

Our transplant experts speak clinician and IT. We’ve worked with the top transplant centers in the nation to make sure their systems work efficiently. We help you get out of busywork and back to caring for your patients.

Organ Transplant Data Services for IT Teams

Transplant data is complicated. You need a consulting firm that understands why this practice is unlike anything else in the hospital and can hit the ground running. We’ve been doing transplant work for over a decade and can give your clinicians valuable time back in their days.

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