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Expand your team’s capacity and expertise

The HDM ACE Team is an advisory syndicate that provides on-demand subject matter expertise by trusted industry advisors and executives.

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How ACE works with your team


Request Expertise

Connect with your HDM point of contact. We’ll help you navigate what expertise you need.


Select Advisors

Your point of contact will follow suit to provide the best-fit ACE Advisors for your project. You choose who you’d like to connect with. We’ll take care of the specifics.



Connect with your HDM point of contact. We’ll help you navigate what expertise you need.


On-demand Advisors

Augment your knowledge base and bandwidth

The HDM ACE team has joined forces with rockstar industry advisors and executives to provide a bench of skilled on-demand subject matter experts.

We’ve not only tapped our existing HDM professional network, but we’ve rigorously vetted and enlisted talented and credible advisors. To best serve our clients, ACE Advisors are engaged regarding relevant projects that match their expertise.

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  • Interim Management


  • Subject Matter Advisory
  • Phone Consults


  • Insights
  • Surveys


  • Data

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At HDM, we like to say 'we make it happen'. So we did. Bringing the best and brightest together to not only develop the best strategies and solutions, but solve some of healthcare’s most complex tech problems. I couldn't be more thrilled or grateful that we’re launching into this next level with our ACE Team advisory syndicate."
Greg Georgatos
— President
Having access to trusted executive subject matter advisory support when you need it is a game changer. This on-demand approach provides a cost and time friendly way to engage industry expertise to solve clients’ toughest challenges."
Kelsey Creveling
— Executive Consulting Advisor

Be an ACE Advisor

Leverage your skills and be in a position of influence. Mentor and share your insights through a dynamic and growing consulting firm.

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