Integration roadblocks, missing interfaces, and mountains of silo data — those are just a few of the turns in the maze of health data integration.

You need a guide to help you find the ways to integrate and centralize all data – not just some of it. There’s no room for error when it comes to any piece of critical patient care data.

When it comes to integration, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve integrated it all. We always work with each business area to determine the value of this data and develop the right solution for full integration.

Why Epic Aura?

The Aura software suite, short for the Orders and Results Anywhere Network, offers a fast and effortless means to establish connections with healthcare systems employing Epic for order reception and result transmission. For laboratories that are part of the program, Aura offers a preconfigured solution that significantly reduces the time needed for implementation when compared to setting up a conventional point-to-point interface.

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Enterprise-wide Solutions

Integration Services for IT Managers

Health Data Movers has deep expertise in HL7 interfaces, data mapping, and system integration. Whether you need someone to manage the project or just additional manpower, we can help.

Integration Services for IT Executives

Let us own your EHR integration project so your team can remain fully focused on making sure the new system is set up for your organizational goals. We have former directors, managers, and analysts who can handle it all, from assessment and budgeting to go-live.

Integration Services for Clinicians

We understand clinical data and IT systems, and we know how to put all the pieces together. We make sure your systems are integrated on the first day with your new system, so you can take care of your patients without missing a beat.

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