Advisory Services for an Educational Partner

Health Data Movers played a significant role as an advisory partner in collaboration with a significant educational institution. Our primary objective was to define both technical and clinical requirements for the institution’s new Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), mainly focusing on clinical imaging areas beyond Radiology and Cardiology, such as Point of Care Ultrasound, Endoscopy, ENT, OR, Dermatology, etc.

We outlined clinical workflows and integration options for each vendor source system in our advisory capacity. Simultaneously, we identified crucial VNA vendors for evaluation, crafted a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP), and actively participated in scoring both the RFP responses and vendor demonstrations. Throughout this process, we emphasized the importance of maintaining robust relationships and communication with our client, recognizing that daily collaboration with their IT imaging team was vital to nurturing this partnership—a practice consistent with Health Data Movers’ approach.

Our efforts generated over 350 RFP questions, covering various indispensable aspects of the project. Additionally, we meticulously scored both the RFP responses and the candidates under consideration. The quantifiable outcomes underscored the project’s success, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

In conclusion, Health Data Movers succeeded in advising our partner and delivering precise, tangible results. Our expertise contributed to the successful implementation of the VNA and reinforced our dedication to effective collaboration and client satisfaction.