Cancer Data Extraction

Cancer Data Extraction

Cancer data extraction involves extracting and entering data into state databases, typically through third-party apps. The process is costly and resource-intensive, with potential risks for incomplete data and regulatory fines. Health Data Movers (HDM) worked with the healthcare organization to determine whether they could implement a less expensive tool option that would be highly regulatory and efficient. 

HDM stepped into the project to alleviate the burden on the previous Project Manager. With expertise in Smart on FHIR, Epic integrations, and cancer registries, HDM swiftly assumed responsibility for the project, ensuring a seamless transition.  

  • Facilitate a cost-effective data extraction process 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with complete and accurate patient records 
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for improved data analysis and clinical trial support 
HDM’s Success Story 

HDM facilitated a streamlined calendar, held the vendor accountable, and provided risk mitigation expertise. The new extraction process resulted in a significantly improved reporting solution, offering greater flexibility and depth by enabling more in-depth data reporting, including generating specific queries for patients with certain types of cancer, ultimately enhancing implementation with more robust queries and supporting additional reporting needs for research purposes. The new extraction process meets regulatory requirements and supports the broader goal of improving cancer treatment outcomes by enabling better patient identification and matching for clinical trials, ultimately benefiting cancer centers and patients alike. 

Lessons Learned 
  • Understanding client processes and needs is paramount: This lesson underscores the importance of thoroughly comprehending the intricacies of a client’s operations and requirements. Developing tailored solutions that address their specific challenges and goals effectively is crucial to ensuring successful project outcomes. 
  • Engage system administrators and critical stakeholders early on: This lesson highlights the necessity of involving system administrators (sysadmins) and key stakeholders from the outset of a project. Their early engagement ensures that technical requirements are understood and that decisions align with organizational goals, helping to avoid issues later in the project lifecycle. 
  • Timing of queries is crucial for system performance: This lesson emphasizes the impact of query timing on system performance. Running resource-intensive queries during peak hours can significantly degrade system performance, disrupting operations. Scheduling queries during off-peak times helps to minimize this risk and maintain system efficiency. 
  • Cost Savings: The new software solution the startup app vendor provided significantly reduced costs compared to existing options, leading to measurable savings in the cancer data extraction process. 
  • Enhanced Reporting Flexibility: The new extraction process resulted in a more robust reporting solution, allowing more in-depth data for better decision-making. This improvement in reporting capabilities can be quantified by the increase in the types of reports generated and the speed at which they can be generated. 
  • Clinical Trial Support: The new extraction process met regulatory requirements and supported clinical trials by enabling better patient identification and matching for trial participation. The impact on clinical trial enrollment and success rates can be measured to assess the effectiveness of the new process in supporting cancer treatment outcomes.

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Discover how Health Data Movers (HDM) revolutionized cancer data extraction for a healthcare organization, leading to significant cost reductions and enhanced reporting flexibility. Our case study showcases how HDM’s expertise in Smart on FHIR, Epic integrations, and cancer registries resulted in a streamlined and regulatory-compliant extraction process. HDM’s innovative approach met regulatory requirements and supported the broader goal of improving cancer treatment outcomes.  

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