Clinical Data Abstraction Project

Clinical Data Abstraction Project

The Healthcare Provider Clinical Data Abstraction Project partnered with Health Data Movers (HDM), focusing on the meticulous transfer of essential clinical data that couldn’t be carried over during the initial conversion process. This project involved manual entry and reconciliation to ensure that all critical patient information was accurately transferred into the new Epic system. The project began with a scheduled end date in March. Still, it was extended to June due to its significance and scope, which included the abstraction of PAMI (Problems, Allergies, Medications, Immunizations) data and the entry of approximately 65,000 future lab orders. 

  • Ensure the accurate transfer of PAMI data to maintain continuity in patient care. 
  • Complete the manual entry of approximately 65,000 future lab orders. 
  • Minimize the burden on clinical staff during the go-live period of the new Epic system by handling data abstraction and reconciliation tasks. 
HDM’s Success Story 

HDM successfully managed the Healthcare Provider Clinical Data Abstraction Project by deploying a team of skilled abstractors with clinical backgrounds, including registered nurses and coding credential professionals. As the project manager and clinical lead, HDM coordinated with the client to develop workflow tools and training materials, ensuring a smooth transition. The team’s diligent work in abstracting PAMI data and entering lab orders extended the project’s duration by the client’s request. It highlighted the importance of their role in maintaining the efficiency of clinical operations during the transition to the new Epic system. 

“Our team’s dedication to abstracting and reconciling essential clinical data has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition to Epic. HDM’s data abstraction services reduces the burden on providers, enhances clinical efficiency in a new system, and maintains continuity of patient care at go-live. The success of this project underscores the value of our meticulous approach to data migration and the expertise of our team in managing complex healthcare data.” – Michael Martin, Senior Director of Signature Services, Health Data Movers (HDM)

Lessons Learned  
  • The Importance of Embedded Resources: Embedding HDM resources within the healthcare team ensured synergy and collaboration, transforming them into integral team members rather than just task-oriented extensions. 
  • Immediate Data Availability Enhances Care: Providing physicians with immediate access to necessary data (notes, encounters, problems, allergies, medications) significantly improved patient care and clinical efficiency, reducing the time spent on data reconciliation and allowing for more patient encounters per day. 
  • Effective Data Conversion Reduces Costs and Burden: The electronic conversion process saved money, improved satisfaction, and reduced management hassle. This highlights the value of effective data conversion in enhancing documentation accuracy, reducing clinician burnout, and improving overall operational efficiency. 

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About Health Data Movers (HDM) 

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