Industry Veteran, Darin Ryder joins HDM’s Leadership Team

Health Data Movers (HDM), a “Best in KLAS” healthcare technology services firm, is pleased to  announce the appointment of Darin Ryder to Vice President of Client Services. Mr. Ryder, an industry veteran with decades of both provider and vendor experience, will be responsible for leading HDM’s Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing teams. Mr. Ryder’s appointment and addition to HDM’s Senior Leadership coincide with the movement of these three functional teams under the larger “Client Services” umbrella.

Mr. Ryder began his healthcare career at University of Florida Health (UFHealth), where he held leadership roles in Clinical Operations and Information Systems throughout an 18 year tenure. During the 11 years prior to joining HDM, Mr. Ryder has led healthcare IT Sales and Delivery teams, providing “Best in KLAS” professional services to healthcare clients implementing EMR, ERP, and other cutting edge technology to improve patient care. With his background in clinical sciences and a unique blend of clinical and IT expertise, Mr. Ryder is deeply committed to integrating IT solutions into large and small healthcare organizations to streamline workflows and enhance patient outcomes. 

In his new role, Mr. Ryder assumes the top leadership position over HDM’s healthcare technology Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing professionals. In addition to brand building, educating healthcare providers, biotechnology firms, and digital health companies about HDM’s Signature Services of Data Migration, Integration, and Custom Development, as well as the company’s “Best in KLAS” Foundation Services of Application, PMO, and Advisory, will be key areas of Mr. Ryder’s focus. 

“Darin’s provider background and solution-oriented mindset, along with his inherent grit and dedication to empowering patients and providers, equip him to work with our clients to find answers to their toughest healthcare technology challenges,” said Tyler Smith, CEO: “Darin’s work aligning Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing under Client Services will further the company’s continuous effort to match structure with strategy. His experience, passion, and drive will enable him to lead his team members by example.” 

About Health Data Movers (HDM)

Health Data Movers is dedicated to empowering patients and providers by unleashing the potential of healthcare data and technology. Our core services enable healthcare providers, biotechnology firms, and digital health companies to execute implementations, optimize and support systems while managing, moving, and sharing data in an efficient, secure, and compliant manner. Recognized as a leader in the industry, HDM received the Best in KLAS award in 2022 and has been named to the Inc. 5000 list three times (2020, 2021, 2022). Additionally, HDM was honored as one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by Consulting Magazine in 2020.