Health Data Movers Embarks on Transformative Journey with CHiME, Elevating Healthcare Innovation and Collaboration

Health Data Movers (HDM), a healthcare technology services firm recognized as “Best in KLAS,” is thrilled to announce its College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHiME) membership. This membership will empower Health Data Movers’ experts to engage in collaborative initiatives, stay at the forefront of industry advancements, and foster meaningful connections within the healthcare community. It is a significant step forward in Health Data Movers’ mission to empower patients and providers by unleashing the potential of healthcare data and technology.

As a member of CHiME, Health Data Movers will leverage its healthcare technology and data management expertise to not only help other members of CHiME to collaborate, grow professionally, and advocate for effective information management but will be able to also benefit from the growth and knowledge shared by other health leaders within CHiME.

“As President of Health Data Movers, I’m excited to announce our partnership with CHiME, a strategic move that enhances our connection with clients,” states Greg Georgatos. He continues, stating, “This move empowers us to share our knowledge and expertise with fellow healthcare leaders within the CHiME community and explains why HDM is the smart choice when integrating workflows and technology. The partnership also marks an essential step in our commitment to trusted partnerships and collaborative growth.”

Joining CHiME connects Health Data Movers’ clients within the healthcare community and grants them exclusive access to the latest industry insights and events. This membership goes beyond networking and insights, enabling clients to shape healthcare policies and actively contribute to positive industry changes. This collaborative effort marks another key milestone in Health Data Movers achieving its vision to be healthcare’s most respected technology services firm.

About Health Data Movers:

Health Data Movers’ mission is to empower patients and providers by unleashing the potential of healthcare data and technology. As a trusted partner to healthcare organizations, biotechnology companies, and digital health enterprises, Health Data Movers’ teams execute projects across four core service lines: Data Management, Integration, Project Management, and Clinical & Business Applications.