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Client Successes, Event Recaps (SumCon!), Team News

Welcome to our Quarterly Newsletter, where we keep you up to date on everything at Health Data Movers!

Over the past three months, our team has implemented groundbreaking AI tools, networked with industry peers at the Health Choice Network Annual Education Conference, and strengthened our company’s ties during our yearly Summer Conference (SumCon)!

Keep reading to learn more about these projects and the latest news at HDM.


What’s New?

  1. Event Recaps: HCN & SumCon
  2. Client Success Story: AI Implementation
  3. Health Data Movers Spotlight: Caitlin Nolan
  4. Leadership Message: Tyler Smith
  5. Trivia Question


Event Recaps

Health Choice Network Annual Education Conference

Boca Raton, FL- June 29- July 1

Health Choice Network Presenters Artificial Intelligence, & Innovation in Healthcare

HDM was a proud sponsor of Health Choice Network’s 29th Annual Board Educational Conference, where we explored innovative healthcare solutions designed to empower education and drive transformative change.

At the event, HDM’s Karla Christopher, PMP, CSPO, and Mel Gamble hosted “Unleashing the Potential: Exploring AI in Healthcare.”

We’re looking forward to attending this event again next year to expand our knowledge, connect with experts, and unlock the future of healthcare together!

Summer Conference 2023

Chicago, IL – Sept 15-16

Summer Conference 2023

At the HDM Summer Conference, also known as HDM SumCon, we paid homage to the past, celebrated the present, and cast a visionary gaze into the future of healthcare and technology. This two-day extravaganza commenced with a “Roaring Twenties” costume party and an award ceremony.

On day two, we enjoyed an address by our CEO, Tyler Smith, a conversation with HDM Board member Alyssa Rapp, and insights from aiHealth’s Kyle Swarts and Cynthia Sherman.

Our very own HDM team members, including Brandon Camp, Laura Howard, Caitlin Nolan, Steve Newcomb, Janaque Fernando, Karla Christopher, Michael Martin, and Mel Gamble, delivered presentations that kept the energy buzzing. A special thank you to Greg Georgatos for his closing talk.

To culminate this event, we embarked on a private tour of Wrigley Field, followed by a delicious deep dish pizza party.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our nonprofit partner, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research  (MJFF), for their unwavering commitment to pioneering the future of healthcare. MJFF’s funding, programs, and research initiatives play a pivotal role in the quest to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and enhance the lives of those affected by PD today.



AI Implementation to Improve a Patient Encounter

AI Implementation to Improve a Patient Encounter

In partnership with a major academic pediatric center, HDM is in rolling out a specialized AI program. This advanced AI solution analyzes and transcribe patient interactions.

The objective of this cutting-edge AI initiative is to empower healthcare providers to shift their focus from documentation to delivering more patient-centered care. To ensure accuracy, a human reviewer first assesses the AI-generated notes before incorporating them into the patient’s records, which will await final review by the healthcare provider.

This project is currently in its early stages and entails the creation of a user-friendly interface, the establishment of access for quality reviewers, the identification of suitable providers to pilot the project, and the formulation of a secure deployment process across various platforms.

Throughout this process, Health Data Movers has taken comprehensive measures to safeguard patient privacy, given that the AI software utilizes patient data for training purposes.

In line with our commitment to ensuring the success of all our clients and projects, we initiated a five provider pilot program to provide quantifiable data on the implementation’s effectiveness.



Caitlin Nolan, PMP

Caitlin Nolan

Senior Project Manager

Caitlin Nolan stands out as an exceptional HDM team member and we are eager to acknowledge her remarkable skills and capabilities. Caitlin is a master at balancing a home life and work life, all while keeping a keen focus on her responsibilities. Caitlin demonstrates expertise in effectively handling multiple clients while ensuring no one feels left behind. Her dedication is evident, earning her the Grit Award at the Summer Conference 2023.

Though she once envisioned a future as a veterinarian, Caitlin’s project management prowess has taken HDM by storm.

“Caitlin’s technical skills, interpersonal ease, and dedication to client success are evident in the rave reviews she receives at all of her engagements,” says CEO, Tyler Smith.

Her talents aren’t just professional; she boasts a unique ability to sleep on airplanes, a testament to her innate sense of equilibrium. Caitlin is an undeniable asset to HDM, and we’re thrilled to spotlight her excellence.



Tyler Smith, CEO

Tyler Smith CEO of Health Data Movers

Summer Conference

HDM’s SumCon fired us all up through a roaring mix of programming, meals, and activities. What a jazzy way to close out the third quarter of 2023.

Thanks to Tracy Graham, Ryan Lieberman, and Angeli Trinh for coordinating. A resounding thanks to all those who presented, including longtime HDM BOD member, Alyssa Rapp, and our HDM leaders and “rising stars” from across the company: Darin Ryder, Michael Martin, Brandon Camp, Steve Newcomb, Laura Howard, Caitlin Nolan, Janaque Fernando, Mel Gamble, and Karla Christopher.

The costumes exceeded my expectations and huge congratulations to Hemangi Shah for walking away with the prize.

Shout out again to Mel, Caitlin, Pat, Hemangi, Dan, and Angeli for awards in their respective teams. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Board Expansion + Advisory Council

Stay tuned for a few upcoming announcements regarding additions to the HDM Board. Specifically, we’ll be adding individuals with clinical and/or healthcare system backgrounds.

By having leaders who represent the core tenets of our mission, we will be more capable of empowering patients and providers. Additionally, achieving our vision of being healthcare’s most respected technology services firm necessitates our functioning at the highest level of quality, externally and internally.

Branding + Marketing

Branding and marketing continue to be key areas of focus on the year, especially given OKR2 (“Complete Strategy Plan Roll Out”) calls for “establishing marketing department resources, roles & responsibilities” (2A).

With the addition of Damaris Thomas to the HDM team, we’re excited to be not only crossing off OKR 2A-3 but to be adding an enthusiastic member to the HDM team who will drive awareness of our firm and increase our ability to meet our broader mission and vision, as well as our nearer term revenue goals.

“Nothing worth achieving is easy,” per Alyssa, but the SumCon reminded me that even if building HDM together can be hard at times, it’s still a lot of fun!


Trivia Question

Trivia Question

What does BMI stand for, and how is it typically calculated?

A) Body Mass Index, calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared.
B) Body Mass Indicator, calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared.
C) Body Mass Index, calculated by multiplying weight in kilograms by height in meters.
D) Body Mass Indicator, calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in feet squared.

Look for Q4’s Newsletter for the answer to this trivia question.

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