Software Development Advisory for an Integrated Experience Layer (IEL) Solution Discovery

Client Profile:
  • East Coast, non-profit healthcare company and Integrated Delivery Network
  • Over 6 million members
The Situation: 

An important tool was missing for clinicians which created workflow redundancy and challenges. Clinical staff were unable to get the data they needed without leaving their current workflow. They were looking for a solution to incorporate plan data and have an Integrated Experience Layer (IEL) for easier day-to-day tools and decisions.

The Approach:

When the client realized they needed a strong advisor to provide knowledge across multiple EHRs, Health Data Movers’ sprung into action to unleash the potential of healthcare data and technology. Daniel Wallack, Yitzhak Magoon, and Dan Olson immediately began to validate prioritized use cases and design prototypes with clinicians to further define the experience. 

Their goals included:

  • Developing a model to quantify the benefits of an MVP solution and criteria for future health system partnership.
  • Providing EHR workflow knowledge and technical guidance during the solution discovery phase to develop long-term and short-term strategies.

The team had extensive knowledge of their EHRs, including Epic and Cerner, and was able to work with the software architects and developers to guide them through the processes to make the best decision for an IEL.


The Recommendations:

 Short Term:

  • Epic Payer Platform: Start integrating with Epic Payer Platform Claims and Clinical Exchange at five Health Systems already on the Epic platform to capitalize on existing Epic instances and improve ease of implementation.
  • Digital Programs: Launch new digital programs to test different adoption tactics at a trusted partner and gather learnings.
  • Clinical IEL MVP: Create a business case to build Claims and Clinical Data Exchange capabilities for non-Epic systems.
  • Future Discovery: Continue solution discovery to test and learn with anchor partners to focus on differentiators not currently built by Payer Platforms.

Long Term:

  • Invest in EHR payer platforms to deliver core capabilities quickly and achieve scale, while building custom differentiators for anchor partners for market distinction.
  • Develop Claims and Clinical Data Exchange capabilities for non-Epic EHRs through a custom solution to address clinician needs for claims data.