Meet Karla Christopher – Director of Engineering

Meet Karla Christopher, Director of Engineering

Don’t you wish your dev team had decades of experience in engineering, program management, revenue cycle operations, clinical workflows, Agile ceremonies, popular EHRs, and interoperability? Wouldn’t it be great if they were obsessed with innovation and driven to proactively investigate and avoid problems?

Health Data Movers’ engineering pros may be the right team for you.

What types of problems do we help our clients solve? A few examples:

  • Inefficient workflows that force providers to switch systems
  • Data silos that inhibit decision making
  • Inaccurate data from old workarounds and double documentation
  • Errors in manual data entry for vital signs and other device data

What do our solutions look like?

  • Integrations and interfaces between systems and devices
  • Epic App Orchard apps
  • Browser extensions, websites, and web apps
  • Data warehouses
  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Machine learning
  • Proofs of concept
  • Advisory services

What tools and technologies do we use?

  • Scalable HIPAA-secure cloud architecture
  • Medical device connectivity & integration solutions (Bluetooth, USB, WiFi)
  • Workflow automation
  • Wearable integration & app development
  • Mobile development on Android & iOS
  • Machine learning and data-driven healthcare with TensorFlow, PyTorch
  • Database configuration, schema design, optimization (both NoSQL and SQL)
  • Deployment & virtualization with Docker
  • Modern web applications with React
  • NodeJS, NextJS, TypeScript
  • HL7 interfaces (v2.x), REST & GraphQL APIs

We work with diverse organizations — healthcare providers, payers, startups, specialty labs, scheduling systems, and more — to clear obstacles that impede interoperability. Whether you need a custom-built niche EHR, bolt-on functionality, a mobile app, or a way to aggregate and analyze patient population data, we have the expertise, creativity, and technical chops to get it done.

Here’s how our director of engineering, Karla Christopher, recently explained her confidence in our team to a new client:

We have done this before. We are intimately familiar with clinical & revenue cycle workflows related to ordering, resulting, scheduling and billing and have successfully helped vendors and their clients exchange this data before. We know the pathway to getting vendor approval and can prepare you for the roadblocks you will encounter.

We know your users. We can engage our network of healthcare organizations to help you identify and secure the right clients to partner with to get things stood up. They already trust us to support them in their application work and will accept our guidance related to the changes necessary on their side.

We are really good at this. In 20+ years in the HIT industry, I’ve never worked with a team before that has such grit. They don’t fail because they will do anything it takes to make a project successful. The team is innovative, creative, and highly skilled when it comes to development work. Since I’ve joined, I’ve seen them finish some pretty herculean projects ahead of schedule and within budget without sacrificing quality.

We’re a great time. Culture is important to us and we believe in building true partnerships with our clients. I believe you will find us to be authentic, transparent, and communicative. We become one team and the collaboration that comes from that is just plain fun.

One thing we love about Karla is her passion for innovating to increase not only productivity but also user and patient satisfaction.

She is a former engineer with hands-on experience managing projects through the full software development lifecycle, from ideation and design through launch and maintenance. She has a PMP certification and a degree in Healthcare Administration & Management. How did we get lucky enough to work with her?

After starting my career as an engineer, I spent the next 20 years working in healthcare IT. My experience is pretty broad and spans a variety of EMRs including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and McKesson, as well as both clinical and revenue cycle apps. I’m most passionate about working in agile, innovative environments, though, which ultimately led me back to HDM as the director of engineering in early 2020.


If you’re ready to learn more about how Karla and her team can help you solve your stubborn interoperability challenges and technical difficulties, reach her by email or connect with us on LinkedIn!