Occupational Health Remediation

Occupational Health Report Remediation at a Large Academic Medical Center

Earlier this year, a prominent academic medical center engaged Health Data Movers to remediate over 100+ medical reports. This project spanned a three-month timeline, commencing in early June and culminating in a successful go-live on October 1st.

The primary objective of this remediation effort was to extract and refine occupational health data within these reports, enabling managers to access crucial work-related information, such as vaccination records and work-related injuries. Simultaneously, it necessitated the concealment of personal health data that didn’t align with these criteria. The remediation process consisted of four phases:

  • Base time test
  • Report editing
  • Regression time test
  • Functional time test

HDM deployed a team of six consultants with expertise in Crystal Reports, who developed reports using objects and derived elements to deliver insightful analytics. We further optimized task management, issue resolution, and report assignment by leveraging a project management framework tailed to the customer’s needs.

Thanks to collaboration across all teams at HDM, the project team seamlessly met the customer’s needs, further unleashing the potential of healthcare data and technology.