Seamless Epic-to-Epic Migration Improves Clinician Efficiency

Seamless Epic-to-Epic Migration Improves Clinician Efficiency
  • Data Conversion and Integration Efficiency: Converted 170 million records from manual to electronic, saving physicians an average of 10-15 minutes per patient and allowing for 10-18 additional patient encounters per day, enhancing clinical efficiency 
  • Cost Savings and Satisfaction Improvement: The electronic conversion process significantly reduced costs and management hassle, while improved documentation accuracy led to higher provider satisfaction and reduced clinician burnout 
  • Impact on Physician Efficiency and Patient Safety: The new Epic system enhanced physician well-being by reducing data reconciliation time, improved patient safety through reduced waiting times, and garnered positive feedback from clinicians for its real-time data access 

Electronic data conversion and seamless integration in healthcare are complex and challenging processes requiring meticulous planning and execution. Epic migration involves the transfer of vast amounts of patient data to a new version of the Epic system, aiming to improve data management and healthcare outcomes. This migration demands accurate conversion of medication and problem list data and seamless integration to ensure immediate data availability for clinicians. 

Health Data Movers (HDM) collaborated with a large hospital system to tackle these challenges, leveraging their expertise in data conversion and Epic integrations. With 20,000 teammates and over a dozen years of Epic history, the healthcare system needed a reliable partner for the transition. HDM’s involvement was crucial in embedding resources within the team, fostering trusted partnerships, and ensuring the project’s success. Participants expressed gratitude for the positive impact on patient care, highlighting the significant improvements in clinician efficiency and patient outcomes resulting from this collaboration. 

  • Convert medication and problem list data electronically. 
  • The transition from manual to electronic data conversion. 
  • Ensure seamless integration and immediate availability of necessary data for clinicians. 
  • Enhance physician efficiency and reduce the patient care burden. 
HDM’s Success Story

Health Data Movers (HDM) played a pivotal role in the successful Epic migration for a large healthcare system with over a dozen years of Epic history and 20,000 teammates. The project aimed to convert 170 million records from manual to electronic, significantly improving data management and patient care outcomes. By embedding their resources within the healthcare team, HDM ensured seamless integration and real-time data availability. This collaboration enabled physicians to have immediate access to crucial patient information, such as notes, encounters, problems, allergies, and medications, thereby reducing the burden on providers and enhancing patient care. 

The impact of HDM’s efforts was profound. Physicians, who previously spent 10-15 minutes per patient reconciling data, now saved substantial time, allowing for an additional 10-18 patient encounters per day. This efficiency improved clinician well-being, reduced burnout, and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction by minimizing waiting times. The electronic conversion process resulted in significant cost savings and improved satisfaction compared to previous third-party vendor solutions. Additionally, the streamlined documentation within patient charts further reduced management hassle. The project underscored the importance of trusted partnerships and effective data conversion in transforming healthcare practices, demonstrating how HDM’s expertise can lead to superior healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies. 

Lessons Learned
  • The Importance of Embedded Resources: Embedding Health Data Movers (HDM) resources within the healthcare team was crucial for ensuring synergy and collaboration, transforming them into integral team members rather than just task-oriented extensions. 
  • Immediate Data Availability Enhances Care: Providing physicians with immediate access to necessary data (notes, encounters, problems, allergies, medications) significantly improved patient care and clinical efficiency, reducing the time spent on data reconciliation and allowing for more patient encounters per day. 
  • Effective Data Conversion Reduces Costs and Burden: The electronic conversion process saved money, improved satisfaction, and reduced management hassle. This highlights the value of effective data conversion in enhancing documentation accuracy, reducing clinician burnout, and improving overall operational efficiency. 

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