Client Story: EHR Integration Makes Providers’ Jobs Easier

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If you use a computer to do your job, you know how frustrating it can be to switch between programs to complete basic tasks, especially if you have to enter the same information more than once. One of our customers, a specialty lab company, wanted to stop contributing to this annoyance for their customers and needed a way to make the ordering and resulting process faster and more convenient for providers.
The Client: Life Sciences Leader

One of our clients is a molecular diagnostic company specializing in organ transplant care. Their specialty labs and other products are widely used, including in nearly all U.S. transplant centers.

The Situation: Siloed Systems Created Cumbersome Workflows

Offering a valuable product or service isn’t enough to earn user adoption. A solution should be efficient, convenient, and easy to use, especially in healthcare, where patients want fast care and good customer service.

Providers didn’t like their clunky workflow, and our client was getting requests for all kinds of EHR integrations – especially orders, scheduling, messaging, and notes.

Before our client hired HDM, their customers’ providers had to order once in Epic, then leave Epic for a web portal, where they would have to log in again, re-enter patient information, order the same tests again, and then return to the chart. Getting the results was even harder: checking for email notifications, then logging in to the portal to download, print, annotate, scan, and re-upload result PDFs, which were then filed to the patient’s chart.

Their in-house integration attempts were unsuccessful – after all, they’re experts in laboratory and diagnostic testing, not EHR interfaces! They knew what they wanted – to make it easier for providers to order and view their specialty labs – but needed help making it happen.

That’s where we come in!

Illustration of before-and-after EHR Integration workflows: one convoluted diagram and one simple one - steps described in text

EHR Integration simplifies increases provider satisfaction by making their workflows simpler.

The Solution: Seamless EHR Integration

For the new, efficient workflow to become a reality, both our client and their customers would need to update their systems’ configuration. We provided structure, process, and solutions to help make it happen.

HDM’s senior project managers’ expertise includes organ transplant, lab, and integration workflows, as well as EHR configuration.

All this salient experience allowed our resources to serve as customer-facing PMs to guide the health systems’ configuration and integration efforts.

They facilitated discovery, design, workflow walkthroughs, configuration, testing/validation, build migration, issue resolution, and more.

What our customer counterparts said they valued:

  • our ability to “bridge the gap” and translate among a variety of technical and operational requirements
  • communicate with stakeholders like integration engineers, CMOs, clinical champions, app analysts

Now, it’s easy for participating providers to order specialty labs and review their results.

The Results: More Customers, More Orders

When HDM came on board, our client had no customer sites with functioning Epic EHR integrations. Now, more than 100 sites from 30+ health systems have integrated ordering.

Of course, this makes it faster and easier for providers to order their tests. The more straightforward ordering workflow means less wait time and less paperwork for patients and providers.

But it wasn’t just HDM’s technical prowess that helped – our project management skills also brought improved consistency, standardization, and documentation, making it faster and easier for our client to onboard new customers and set up their EHR integrations.

Engaging HDM

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